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Engaging, age-appropriate educational products for teens and young adults with disabilities, that make learning fun and sticky!

Many materials for teaching kids with disabilities are often:

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    Not age-appropriate. For example, older teens learning social skills from materials picturing kindergartners.

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    Distracting. Too much detail can really confuse kids with figure / ground difficulties.

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    Out-of-date. Pictures of corded phones. Clothes from the 70's.

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    Mundane and repetitive. Novelty and fun are critical components of learning.

Platypus Schoolhouse has the creative, fun and dialed-in materials you need in your classroom!

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    Employability resources from those in the trenches helping kids to get and keep jobs

We understand your frustration with expensive, out-of-date and non-age-appropriate teaching materials!

  • Bonnie and Brian
  • Paul

We are Bonnie and Brian Stewart, parents of three boys with diagnoses spanning the autism spectrum. Drawing on our own 25 years of experience, as well as that of other teachers of kids with disabilities, we create products that are innovative, fun, and promote true learning. We employ our oldest son Paul as an artist and animator, and hope to someday bring on other young people with disabilities, to create more awesome teaching materials for kids with disabilities.

Listen to what our customers have to say!

  • Lauren's Testimonial

    Practice Job Jumpstart is entertaining, fun and informative. The skills taught will lead to meaningful employment for young adults of all abilities. I highly recommend Practice Job Jumpstart for all young adults and others looking for a job and a career. - Lauren Leatham

  • Skip's Testimonial

    Practice Job Jumpstart offers well researched, well thought out and well written advice to young job seekers facing the intimidating prospect of finding their first job. It presents some invaluable tidbits which might not be immediately intuitive; however, upon some reflection, the reader realizes the profound value of these ideas. Practice Job Jumpstart would be of great value to any young job seeker, not just those on the spectrum. It's written in an easygoing, familiar style and its illustrations are charmingly nerdy. I wish I'd had this booklet when I was first venturing into the working world. Kudos to! - Skip Anderson

You can help your kids to find employment - buy Practice Job Jumpstart today!!

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    Buy Practice Job Jumpstart

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    Work through the book with your young people, using the materials on our Work Resources page

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    See the outcomes you want for your kids!

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At Platypus Schoolhouse, we know you are the kind of teacher that wants the very best outcomes for your students. Which means you need teaching materials that are fun, creative, age-appropriate, and tailored for your class. But so many materials for teaching kids with disabilities are boring, out-of-date, or not age-appropriate. Which leaves your students bored and tuned-out, and you frustrated with their progress. We believe this is wrong, and we are doing something about it! These kids need materials that engage their minds, AND their sense of humor, and help them to truly learn the concepts being taught. We understand your frustration because we have been there too. That's why we talk with teachers in the trenches, employ those who themselves have a disability, and draw upon our own extensive experience to create the products you need. So take a look through our products, and and get instant access to the teaching materials you need to ensure the very best outcomes possible for your kids. Don't let dull, boring or non-appropriate materials stand in their way any longer. Get the teaching materials you need to help your kids.

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